Why is SG only sending out part of my batch of email contacts?


Hi, Today I was sending out a batch of email contacts (100). I went through the send process and told error, 79 sent. But did not tell me why the error. After reviewing my CSV Spreadsheet. I noticed one of the email address’s had an apostrophe in it. ” o’reily.xyzemail.com When I selected SEND, Survey Gizmo would go through it’s process and get to the line with this email and Stop. The emails prior would send, this email and all other would be rejected. Once I removed the apostrophe, it all worked fine. 

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    @Mark : I am opening up a ticket with our support team on your behalf. What you report sounds like a bug that should definitely be fixed up. I’ll have our support team reach out to you for more details.

    The SurveyGizmo Team

    Community Admin answered


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