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We are a startup market research agency and we work with other agencies on survey projects . One of our clients (another agency) just requested for our 3 Redirect URLS (Terminate, Complete , Quota Full) so as to enable us track the progress of the survey as it happens. How do we create this Redirect URLS and how do we get it working ? 



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    Thanks so much Lola , the tutorial is quite helpful but it doesn’t  actually answer my question of how to get the 3 redirect URLS , Do I need a panel company before I can have them ? Can I set it up on Survey Gizmo ? 

    Like I explained , a client of ours (another agency) requests for the URLs to enable us track and see the progress of the survey as it goes on instead of us waiting for them to give us the number completes and terminate everyday. 



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      • Typically the redirect URL’s would come from a panel company (as it allows the company to track these responses).

        I’m not exactly sure what you client needs in terms of the URL’s – the redirect URL’s are links that your survey respondents will actually be sent to.

        While you can create additional survey tracking links in SurveyGizmo: – I am not sure that this will be the solution that you are after.

        I hope this helps clarify this a little bit.

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      It sounds like you might be working with what SurveyGizmo calls a panel company. This article should be a good starting point and it does cover setting up redirects for the three scenarios that you described (terminate (DQ), complete, and quota full):

      I hope this helps you get things started!

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