[Solved] Setup of Document Audit


I’m looking for some assistance in setting up a document audit for a hospital.


We have 8 wards – each required to audit 5 patient charts each month – each question is a yes, no or n/a answer

We are required to compile the following information:

  • Number of audits successfully completed by each ward
  • Percentage of Yes, no and n/a responses (monthly, quarterly and yearly)


Anyone able to help???

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    Hey there!


    You should be able to accomplish this with a survey for each ward!


    If your Yes/No questions are radio button questions they will display in a pie chart showing the precent answered for each option in a summary report. This document should help with how to create a summary report:




    I am not sure I will be able to help you with the build of this project, but I found this cool document in searching through documentation that may also be a big help to you:




    I hope this helps!


    Have a good one!





    Cliff McGrupp answered


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