Setting up Disqualification Logic if a Minimum Number of responses are not selected (Check Box)



I am trying to set up disqualification logic, if a respondent doesn’t select a minimum number of responses in a checklist question.  For example:

Which of the following products have you purchased in the past 3  months?

(list of 12 options in check box format)

I want to have logic that =/<2 options chosen: Disqualify

If 3+ options chosen:  Continue with survey

Anyone know how to do this? 

Community Admin answered

    @Laura : Jim is correct that Custom Scripting is typically used for this type of logic. We do also have a workaround documented that does not require custom scripting. You can learn more here:

    Jim, thanks for jumping in to assist!

    Laura, I hope one of these solutions gets you what you need!

    Bri Hillmer
    Documentation Coordinator
    SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team

    Community Admin answered

      There is no off-the-shelf function in SurveyGizmo that will do this. All of the logic functions are set up to respond to specific answers, not the number of answers.  However, if your account allows for custom scripting, you can develop a script that would do this for you.   

      You could use the checkboxtotalchecked to count the number of responses and then use an IF/ELSE statement to evaluate whether the jumptopage function should be used to move the respondent to the last page of your survey.

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