Set survey to not connect address to answer ID?




We would like to do a customer survey, and as a little incentive participants can win prizes.

In order to be able to draw a winner, we ask for their address with a contact form on the last page. But: I would like to ensure that our customer’s answers aren’t connected to their respective address.

However, if I download the results survey from my test runs, I can always see the address connected to the answers given.

How can I set the survey to save the addresses given on the last page in a separate file, with NO answer ID or any other indication that would connect an address to any of the answers?



Florian Meissner asked

    We have a couple of survey where we are required to collect contact information from respondents. We use two separate but linked surveys.  The respondents first take the primary survey.  The final question on this survey asks the respondent if the would like to be part of the incentive drawing and leave their contact information. There is a redirect action on the thank you page.  This redirect action has a logic condition that redirects the respondent to the second survey if the respondents have answered YES.  The second survey collects the respondent’s contact information for the drawing.

    This approach separates the respondents survey answers from their contact information.  We also use a very different style template on the second survey as a visual cue to our respondents that their contact information is going into a different location.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered
      • Hi Jim,

        Thanks for your answer, this works for us. The only problem we still have: since the time and date are shown on which the survey was submitted, we could still connect a name to a survey. Do you know if there is a way to turn off the “Date/Time Submitted” function?



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