How do you set up a Standard report to refresh before sharing daily?


I’m trying to send a daily update on a survey to a manager.  I’ve created a report using the new Standard reports, scheduled it daily, and I did not check the box “Only send if there is new data” because this manager wants to know if nobody is filling out the survey each day so she can remind people.  She’s been receiving the reports, but not any new data since the last time I ran it.  

In the old reports, if you scheduled them, then they automatically refreshed before sending so all new data was there.  How do you do that for Standard reports?  And if you can’t, what is the point of scheduling something to go out automatically, if you have to still go in and manually update the report to have all the current responses.

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Webredactie answered

    Hi Sheila,

    I stumbled upon your question. I seem to have the same problem as well and was wondering if you’d found a solution to this issue in the meantime?

    I’d like to hear from you! 

    Webredactie answered
      Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

      The Standard Report should update automatically in the same way that the Legacy Reports did. Do you have any date-related filters applied to the report? Do you allow date filtering for the manager? If so, perhaps they are adjusting filters when viewing reports?

      Just throwing out some ideas…

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        • Lola, thanks for the suggestions. I can’t see any filters holding it up, so i’ll have to report to Survey Gizmo. I was hoping there was just a setting I missed. Thank you!


        The Standard Report automatically updates with new responses, but there can be a 1-5 minute caching delay for the new responses to appear in the report.  

        You can read more here:

        Sheila Bloom commented
          • Mary, Thanks so much for the quick response, but that’s not exactly the issue that I’m having. When I open the report and run it, it refreshes fine. But, there are responses that came in on Dec. 19th and 20th and when my manager received the automatically sent report this morning, she was not seeing those responses. How do I get a report to refresh before it sends on a schedule? There must be a way, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense to send automatically, right?



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