Set Quotas for people coming back to survey


I had created the quotas for certain segments of respondents . I saw the quota got filled but I still see some more responses trickling in for those segments. I assume these are the people who started the survey before the segment got filled and then came back to finish the survey. Is there a way to avoid this scenario? Can I set any conditions on my quotas/surveys  that will show the respondents – max quota screen if they come back to the survey after the segments are filled? 

Dominic Sharpe answered

    I’m curious – are you using some kind of save & continue feature to allow folks back in? Perhaps disabling that feature is an option. This would require respondents to finish the survey in one sitting.

    Did you set up anything unique under the ‘Quota Complete’ section? or are just using the default option to stop collecting responses and show a message?

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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