Set up a Least Fills Quota via Lua?


I have a survey where we have a list of 48 stores. Based on however many the respondent chooses from the screening multiple choice question we only want to ask follow-ups about a max of 5 of those stores and we want to choose the 5 based on filling the least full quotas first. 

Has anyone achieved a least filled quota set up using Lua scripting? 

This is what I’m thinking: 

  • We capture the current response count for each store quota when a respondent comes in to the survey. 
  • We capture the stores they check off in the screening multiple choice question. 
  • We match the stores they checked off to the response count captured and order the list in ascending order by response count. 
  • We choose the first five from the list to show follow-up pages.  

Anyone have any feedback on that or suggestions on how to write this script most efficiently? 

Steve asked


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