Is there a way to set display logic on a checkbox question?


If the user selects the first option from a list of choices, is there a way to make the other options appear unavailable upon the first option being chosen?

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    Hi Lisa,

    With a checkbox question, you could use the SPECIAL SETTINGS option to make any answer option EXCLUSIVE/NONE OF THE ABOVE.  If a respondent click on an answer option with this setting in place, all of the other options will gray out.  See the SurveyGizmo documentation for details (



    Lisa Kern345949 commented
      • I’m referring to a “Checkbox” question…”first option” refers to the first choice at the top of the list that users may choose. I have a list of hotel room reservation dates, but the first choice is “I don’t need hotel reservations.” If they check that, can the other options be “grayed out” so the survey doesn’t allow them to accidentally check a reservation date they don’t need?

      • Lisa, that is exactly what the “None of the obove” answer does, just add it and then move it to the top, or edit that answer option and set the “Special Settings” to none of the above.

        See it in action here:

      • Perfect–helped to see it in action. Thank you!



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