[Solved] How do I set a default survey theme for all editors?



We have created a custom branded survey theme that we want to make the default theme for all new surveys, while still allowing editors to create another theme for their survey if they wish. I.e we don´t want editors to have to choose a theme from the library, even if they don´t do anything it should be the default theme that is used. How do we do that? Thanks!




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    From everything that I know there is not a way to set up a default theme other than the one that SurveyGizmo has set as default.


    I do know that you can set up some limits based on teams and roles to access to changing the theme or modifying the themes.

    So you can create you custom theme and then disallow a team or user(s) from modifying the theme in any way and only give them the ability to select it. But as for setting your custom theme to be the default I don’t think there is a way to do this.

    I hope this information is of some help.

    – Larita

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