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As usual, I have a unique circumstance (Please see my test build – Data Request – Test) of needing to send a response Email based on responses to two possible, but different paths that a user might get to the end of the survey.

So, how do I know where the user came from and what was the last response before the user reached the end of the survey? The reason for this is that the Email recipient is different for different data sets the user might have selected.

Make sense? Any help in achieving this logic would be great! Thanks much in advance.

Best, Nash

PPA Data221017 asked

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    Hi Nash,

    I am just another user, so unfortunately I cannot access your surveys, but I can recommend setting logic to your email actions.

    You would start by creating your two different email actions to display the different data.

    Just like setting page or question logic, you would set the same type of logic on the email action. 

    SG has a good document on this –


    If this doesnt answer your question, let me know some more context and I will try to help you more with it.

    Jacob Hayslett answered


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