[Solved] Sending Email and Website


I need to make sure that the email i send out from and the website they are directed to is nothing that looks like spam.  We’d like to customize that.


can you tell me how to do that?



Michelle Parent307442 asked

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    This is a tricky question just because of the nature of deliverability… SG has a couple articles that covers this. Here they are:



    Hope that helps!

    Lizzy Tekkel answered

      when you create an email campaign there is a pencil icon to edit the message. you can see below that you can change all the fields to “look and feel” like it coming from you. It does work the majority of the time – sometimes it does get in the junk email folder. But you can see if emails bounce back or are received, so you might have to direct a few to look there. But the server is still SG when it goes out.


      Mary Mawhirter answered


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