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Dear Sir or Madam,


We build several NPS-Surveys. These are running every time an order was succeeded. 

We want to get the feedback for detractors and comments in zendesk for follow up immediately. 

As I could not find any working API on your side, we tried to find a workaround with triggering an automated email to our zendesk. 

Unfortunately a lot of these cases getting suspended in Zendesk – reason there is ‘Automated response email’. Asking the support on Zendesk, they replied:

Any third party software solution which takes effect in Zendesk should ideally be implemented with a “clean” integration. See for example this one here for SurveyMonkey

It is sure possible, to create solutions by having third party systems sending Mails into Zendesk. In that case though it is important that the header-information which indicates automatically generated Mails will be removed from the Mail-header. In that case, kindly get back to the Service Provider and ask if they either have an integration for Zendesk or if they can make changes to that header-information in the E-Mails.


So it seems to be necessary to change the header for this. Do you know how to proceed ? 

Do you have any other solution for this issue?



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    Hi there!

    Wouldn’t you believe it, SurveyGizmo’s own support team uses Zendesk to manage our customer service interactions, and we run in to the very same problem!

    The short version: there’s not a good solution 🙁

    Removing the “automated response email” header from Send Email action emails is not a change our team is able to make, due to the impact this would have on our ability to send email. Essentially, the concern is that other email servers would no longer trust us as an email provider, and messages coming from SurveyGizmo would have a much higher chance of being rejected (or sent straight to the “spam” folder). This would impact every user who utilizes Email Campaigns or the Send Email action.

    The other option, building out an integration with Zendesk, has not happened due to our limited development resources being focused on improvements elsewhere in the application (generally in response to user demand – and there has been little demand thus far for a Zendesk integration).

    SurveyGizmo has requested that Zendesk consider the possibility of creating “rules” that allow certain email to bypass the “suspended” queue, however this has also not received enough user demand for Zendesk to spend any development resources on it. Unfortunately, this leaves users on both side out in the cold for now – you guys (and our Support team too) just want these emails to show up in our queue normally! Hopefully one of the two sleeping giants will wake up eventually, and build this missing bridge 🙂

    I hope this helps to answer your question.

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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