[Solved] Send Quiz Score Information in an Email Notification


Good day,


I have struggle in creating an email notification of quiz score information.

I have followed the tutorial, but couldn’t find the suit of quiz merge codes in merge code helper such as Total Correct, Total Questions, Total Wrong, Score, Message, Passed.

The structure of the quiz is as follows:

Page 1 – Respondents name

Page 2 – Total of 145 questions (only random 15 is shown to respondent)

Page 3 – Thank you page including quiz score results (wrong answers displayed to respondent) and send email action which I can’t configure as I wish.


Thanks for any help or advice in advance and sorry for my English 🙂




tmp asked

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    Hi tmp,

    Its ok if you can’t find them, all you really need is the id of the actual Quiz Score Results.

    I think the following page describes each function, all you need to do is insert the id number. This will help answer your question for what the name of each function is.

    Quiz Score

    You can get the id of everything by accessing the Survey Legend under the Tools tab. Then insert it in the functions described in the previous document.


    Jacob Hayslett answered
      tmp 12 Rep.

      Thank you Jacob for fast response.

      I assume that there is no merge code for displaying correct answers to incorrectly answered questions?

      I want to see those questions which were answered incorrectly by every quiz taker. The most convenient way would be emailing this info after a quiz is finished.

      I guess I can work it out using export option.

      tmp answered


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