Send Invitation for a campaign using API


Which API call do we use to send out an invitation for an email campaign to one or more contacts?

Dominic Sharpe answered

    The campaign is specified via the campaign ID (bolded in the call below):

    This ID would have been returned in the result after creating the campaign. You can also find the campaign ID via the GetList call (pulling a list of all available campaigns for a given survey):

    Hope this helps clarify!

    Vahid Mousavi commented

      You will need to use the Email Message Sub Object (specifically the update message call):

      In order to send the message, you will need to set the send parameter to ‘true’.

      This is assuming that you have the campaign and message already created. If the campaign and message are not created, the campaign will need to be created using:

      and then the message will need to be created using:

      I hope this helps clarify!

      Vahid Mousavi commented
        • Thanks Dominic! One question: How do we specify the campaign in the UPDATEEMAILMESSAGE call? I don’t see a parameter for this in the API. We will have multiple campaigns, and want to make sure we send the invite for the right campaign to the contact.
          I’m a BA, so I’m not very familiar with this API, but want to document as much as I can for our developers. Thanks again!



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