[Solved] Send email: logic (date +14 days)


Send an email:

I have a date field date1.

I want to send the email only when the date1 <= (systemdate + 14 days.)

How can i do that?



Eva316545 asked

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    Hi Eva,


    If you are sending an email at the end of a survey, you can do this in a send email action.


    Here is a link I found that shows how to send the email action with a delay: http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/send-email-action#set-up-a-time-delay


    If you are trying to send an initial invite from an email campaign, unfortunately I don’t believe this is currently possible.  You can only send or schedule the entire initial invite message at once.


    Hope this helps!


    Lauren Dillard answered

      Please help!

      Eva316545 answered


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