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I’m using the Stripe integration to set up a conference registration site. Since many people will need to be reimbursed, it needs to be able to email them a receipt. How do I do this?

There does not seem to be any information on how to do this. From the Stripe website, I have checked the box on my account settings to email customers for successful payments. When I try this in test mode, no emails are received.

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    Currently, there is not a built in feature within SurveyGizmo to generate a receipt after a Stripe transaction has taken place (I’m going to have that language added to our documentation today to prevent future confusion).

    After consulting with some members of our development team, I can suggest that the only real way of building something like this entirely through SurveyGizmo would be to create an email action. You could use merge codes to populate the appropriate data and have it fire to a given email address. In essence, you would be creating and formatting a receipt within an email action and then firing it off on the Thank You page of your survey.

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      So, while continuing my research on this issue I may have located a viable solution! We’ve added this functionality to the document I referenced earlier. There’s only a little bit of data that Stripe sends back to SurveyGizmo post-transaction. However, you can use merge codes to populate that data into an email action and send it to the customer in the form of a receipt.

      You can learn about this under the new section of this document called, “Send Buyers a Receipt”. Let me know what you think!


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        • Actually, when you pipe the Payment Action, you get an array with three keys:

          You can then use the scripting to better format the receipt in the Email Action.


        Right, I was worried about that. The issue is, for a receipt, a lot of places want to see some sort of evidence that the person actually paid. For instance, a specific mention of the credit card used (last 4 digits, etc.), or some sort of payment confirmation number. Is there a way of getting any data like this after the Payment Action is performed, which could then be parsed and included in the Email Action?

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          Yes, I found that too. The issue is, I’m not the one implementing Stripe’s API, SurveyGizmo is! How do I pass receipt_email using SurveyGizmo, when I call the Payment Action?

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            Hey There – Great Question!

            While the entire payment process can be calibrated within SurveyGizmo, any follow up action to a transaction (like a receipt) would need to be managed on the Stripe side of things. I’ve done a little research on this process and wanted to share what I was able to dig up.

            Stripe does indeed provide the ability to send email receipts to your customers for any charge, and you can see a preview of what our email receipts look like here. To send an email receipt for charges created through the API, you’ll want to pass in a [receipt_email] with your charge creation request. They will then send the receipt to that email address. Your receipt options are varied within Stripe, and you can learn about all of them right here.

            I hope that provides a bit of direction. Stripe has excellent help documentation (I learned quite a bit while digging through it this morning)


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