Semantic Differential text alignment



  • I need to adjust the text in the following example.
  • It is currently set to the default as right justified.
  • How to do get it to be left justified?
  • Do I need to use CSS if so does anyone know the code I would need to use?
  • Appreciate any assistance you guys could give me.



Howard Briggs answered

    To piggy-back on what Jim said, the Semantic Differential is not necessarily designed to collect the type of data that you are asking:

    Like Jim, I would recommend a Radio Button Grid.

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Hi Jim / Dominic

      Yes you are right I have looked at the Radio Grid buttons and have achieved what I was looking for.

      I guess when I first started out I thought that Semantic Differential was the way to go.

      Really appreciate your quick response.


      Kind regards



      Howard Briggs answered

        Question – is your example a semantic differential type question?  If so, why did you choose this question type instead of a radio-button grid ( or a custom group (

        Jim W (Moderator) edited answer


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