Selecting from a large drop-down list using search/prefills


I am trying to ask respondents to select their store from a list of 170. They tend to know their store number which is 3 digits.

Is it possible to add some sort of “search” function to a dropdown list so for example if they enter 5 into a box it “prefills” all the 3 digit numbers/stores beginning with 5 and they can select from that list (similarly 53 would bring up all the stores withnumbers starting 53 etc)

Unfortunately they do not know their “regions” etc which might have made it possible to use a drop down list to narrow things down a little.




Jim W (Moderator) answered

    You might be able to use a Text Box with the AutoComplete function enabled for this task ( We have never used it for more than 50 items, so i am not sure how it woul work wit h 170,  My guess is that it will be fine.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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