If name selected from list then question on whether email associated with name is correct?


Am trying to verify email addresses so that the user does not input but accepts data [email address] we have on file for them:


Q1. Select name (pulldown list)

Q2. Instead of “select email” i would like to just publish email [which i have and is associated with name of Q1].  

i was thinking i could do an “if Q1 = name1” then publish email [Email1].  

but how on surveygizmoearth can one do that?


thank you for [anyone’s] guidance!


Jim W (Moderator) answered

    You would have to develop a very large custom script to perform the task you are outlining.  The script would use the sgapiGetValue function to get the response to the dropdown menu (q1), run a series of if statements to find the correct email address, and then use the sgapiSetValue function to place the email address as the answer to q2.  In pseudo-code, it would look something like this:

    xname = sgapiGetValue(q1);

    if xname == “First Name” {xmail = “firstemail@xyz.org”}
    if xname == “Second Name” {xmail = “secondemail@xyz.org”}

    sgapiSetValue(q2, xmail);

    Another SurveyGizmo user might have a more elegant coding solution – I tend to favor the simplest method possible.

    If your intention is simply have your respondents confirm their email addresses, there might be a simpler approach.  My group would probably use the list of current names and email address to create an email campaign.  We would create NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS textbox questions and use merge codes to place the name and email address into the questions as the default answers.  Respondents could confirm or revise the information.  And the email campaign will  quickly find any invalid or problem email addresses when the survey link sent to that address bounces back..

    I hope I have answered you question.  If I did not understand the problem you are trying to solve please provide some more info.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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