How do I select logic based on a question not being answered


I have a question in my survey asking respondents to enter 6 numbers and if a respondent doesn’t answer this question, then I’m wanting to use display logic so that they are asked another question instead. When I go to create this display logic, I click on ‘Only show this question based on answers to previous questions or logic conditions’ and I select the previous question (the one asking them to enter 6 numbers) and try to then select ‘is not answered’. But I can’t as this option is ‘greyed out’, whereas ‘is answered’ is possible to select but I don’t want that, I want ‘is not answered’. Anyone know why I don’t have this as an option please? 




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    Some question types have limitations as to which logic comparisons can be used and some question types can’t be used for display logic at all. I don’t know why each type has its particular limitations, but you can often work around it.

    I don’t know enough about your particular situation to give a complete answer. You are not using the Textbox List question type or you wouldn’t even be able to select it as a question to base display logic off of.

    What Question Type are(s) you using to ask for 6 numbers?

    What are the directions given to respondents to fill out your 6 numbers question(s)?

    The following is not a suggestion as to how you should set up your question, it is just an example of how you might have set up your question and how someone in that situation might solve the problem:

    If you had a single Textbox question (Q1) and gave directions like, “Enter your six digit ID number”, then the display logic on the following question could be as simple as:

    Only show this question if:

    Q1 “matches regex pattern”


    The caret symbol says “what is next must be the start of the string”

    The dollar sign symbol says “what is previous must be the end of the string”

    With nothing between them it will only match an unanswered text

    Note that this does nothing to validate that the text that was entered was in fact a 6 digit number, but that could be handled by validation on Q1.



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