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Hi folks,

I am trying to come up with a way around one of the scoring limitations in SurveyGizmo. Basically, we have a 0-100 slider which I can break into four sections. 0-25 is poor, 26-50 is fair, 51-75 is good and 76-100 is excellent. 

I’d love to set up a checkbox question based on that item, where if the score is 0-25, poor is checked, if it’s 26-50 fair is checked, etc. I can then do a tally based on the checkbox.

I can get as far as having the checkbox I want be the only one displayed, but how get I get the checkbox I want to be checked?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Jim Storer asked

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    Hi Jim!

    I love teamwork 🙂 Building upon your idea to use answer option logic to display only the proper answer in the checkbox question, I have one extra step to add, that will allow this to work!

    Adding all of the possible answer options to the “Default Answer” field for your checkbox question, will cause the question to automatically select whichever answer option(s) is/are visible, as controlled by your answer option logic.

    When using the Default Answer setting, it is important to know that this field matches based upon the reporting values of your answer options. Here is our tutorial on this feature with more details on its use:


    And here’s an example survey where you can see this working:


    Finally, here’s a complete run-down of the settings necessary to set up this behavior:

    1. Add a checkbox question to a new page after your slider question.
    2. Create answer options in this checkbox question, matching the ranges you would like to use for your slider question.
    3. Set up answer option logic for each answer option you just created, with the slider question as the “condition”, and using “less than” or “greater than” as your operators.
    4. Add every answer option to the “Default Answer” field on the Layout tab, comma separated.
    5. (Optional) Hide the checkbox question by using the “Hide this question by default” setting on the Logic tab.

    And then you may include the checkbox question in your Quiz Score action 🙂 I hope this helps!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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