Use segmented age group quota’s with real age input variable




I need to reflect in my respons certain age group charateristics, so my respons will be respresentative to the age group distribution in a region. We use for the age question a format that asks for the exact age of the respondent.

The thing I cant figure out is how to get a segemented quota rule in place that gives me the correct class distrbution, while using our exact age input format. 

Has anyone some experience with this and can tip me?

Thanks in advance!


Dominic Sharpe answered

    I think you could still use Segmented Quotas for this type of rule, but you would have to build out multiple conditions in your rules since you are asking for the age as a text/number question.

    Using your 18-24 example, your rule would likely need to look something like this:

    If “age question” is exactly equal to “18”


    “age question” is exactly equal to “19”


    “age question” is exactly equal to “20” and so on…

    Hope this is what you are after!


    Dominic Sharpe commented
      Marius 140 Rep.

      Yes, of course I can, Lola. For every age class we need the distribution that reflects the German sensus outcomes. So when we have enough respondents in a specific age class (let’s say, like in the previous axample for class 18-24 years 110 cases) the next case (nr.101) should be redirected to a specific screenout url. I hope this clarifies a bit more. Curious if you know a solution!

      Marius answered
        Marius 140 Rep.

        Hi Lola, 

        Thanks for reacting and of course I can.


        So here is an example:

        We are running this project in Germany and want a representative respons on the age variable.

        From the German sensus database we know that 10% of the population is in the 18-24 age class.


        So lets say, we would use a sample size of 1000: that would mean that in this age class we need 100 completes.

        However, we do not use the class question structure, but are asking for an integer real age.

        Does this help?


        Marius answered
          Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

          Can you maybe elaborate on this?

          You mentioned that you are wanting to implement a Segmented Quota – will you be disqualifying respondents based on age?

          The quotas are intended to collect that allotted responses that meet a rule and once the number of responses has been met, the excess are disqualified.

          Can you maybe provide an example scenario of how you would like to use the quota?


          Lola Gill answered


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