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We’ve been getting a fair amount of feedback that our Segments in the Standard Report are not displayed in the format that users need. We’d like to make sure that we’re hearing from everybody that uses segments to make sure that any potential changes will make all users happier.

Please answer the questions in this survey about segments.

Thanks in advance for your time and feedback!

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    My concern with segments is that in comparison reports, I need everything flip-flopped. Currently segments reports in rows and I need segments in columns like a banner table. 

    Catherine Holenski commented
      • Agree with this one completely. I’d also like to be able to segment so I could see each segment group’s responses separated and in order (see below). Is there a way to do that?

        Q: Do you use the ABC tool for posting social media?

        Retail Trade
        Yes X%
        No Y%
        Not familiar Z%

        Yes X%
        No Y%
        Not familiar Z%

        Prof Services
        Yes X%
        No Y%
        Not familiar Z%

        Etc etc.


      Based on your feedback we made some changes to segments. In order to see these changes you must create a new report and then add segments. Here are the changes we made:

      1. Defaulted the charts to display grouped by segment.
      2. Built an option to pivot the display of segments as documented here:

      Check out these changes in a new report and let us know what you think!

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        There are 2 Issues when Segmentation is Active.

        1. Row Averages do not show.
        2. Segmentation is applied to Crosstabs, thus ruining the effectiveness of Crosstabs.
          1. Allow us to disable segmentation for specific questions.
          2. Alternatively, allow us to apply segmentation to specific questions rather than the entire report as a whole. 
        Janet (President) & Joshua (IT Manager), Beyond Data Inc answered

          I have some overall comments on the current Segmentation:

          1. It would be nice to be able to enable/disable segmentation on a per-question basis.  In many cases we don’t need it for EVERY question.
            • For example, I once had survey which asked a person about their current school, then asked them to rate that school.
              • In this case, I would want to break apart that question alone by their current school. So ideally I would like to click ‘Edit’ on a question in my report and say ‘Group by Answer to another Question’
          2. Row Averages for Radio Grids do not appear when segmentation is on.
          3. It would be nice to be able to show an ‘Overall’ bar on charts where there is Segmentation.
          4. When viewing segmentation for a question, it would be useful to be able to choose from the following two methods of displaying the data
            • Grouped by Option (What SurveyGizmo has in place now)
            • Grouped by Segment
              • For Grouped by Segment, it would basically have a summary table & chart for each segment, followed by the overall summary table.
          5. It would be nice to define Segments outside the Reports, so we don’t have to keep recreating them. (SEE BELOW)


          For our market research company and the focus group company we are partnered with, Segments sometimes change, especially once you start reviewing data and noticing a trend.

          So, in order to improve segmentation in general, I think we should be able to define segments outside of Reports FIRST.

          How I could see it working is this.

          1. Under Results there would be a new menu item called: Segments/Response Categorization
          2. Within the Segments Page, you can create Segmentation Categories
          3. Within a Segmentation Category you can create a Segment
          4. For the Segment, you can declare Logic Rules that would categorize that response automatically, then store that value in a column in the Data (As a ‘question’ which can be used for charts/filtering if needed.)   For simplicity and server load concerns, I would recommend this be done whenever a response is given the Complete status (either by completing the survey, or being issued it manually).
            • I could see it being stored as a Select All That Apply question type, as it is possible someone could meet the conditions of multiple segments within a Segmentation Category at the same time.
          5. If a Segmentation Category has a change, it would recalculate the categorization done on all previous Completes.


          The above solution is one I find the most elegant.

          ~Joshua Metzelaar (Web Developer and Survey Programmer)

          Janet (President) & Joshua (IT Manager), Beyond Data Inc commented

            There is an issue with the new reports where if you remove the N/A option the statistics still behave as if NA was there. We have had to go back to the legacy report.

            Linda Wooding185932 commented
              • Thank you, Jared!

                It looks like you had reached via a Support ticket and reported this to our team. Please let us know if we can assist further!


                The SurveyGizmo Team

              • Hi. Was this resolved? It’s a concern for us too.




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