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Is there a way to place a unique number at the end of each survey when it is completed, so the respondent can copy it or print it and use it to redeem something at the retail store in question?  So at the end of the survey, the respondent would get a final page that indicates something like, “Here is your unique code.  Please copy it or print out this page and take it to The Gap to get your $5 off.”  Then there would be a number unique to that respondent’s survey:  31945 for example.  Each respondent would receive a different code number.


Can that be done?

Bob Mazerov answered

    Lola, sorry for my delay in responding.  I have been out of the office.  But I sincerely do appreciate your knowledge and patience.  

    So, I did as you suggested, and things seem to be better, but it’s still not working.  I put in the text and found the COUNTER on page one.  Worked great.  Then I placed it in the Thank You page.  But when I previewed the page, I got the same old message.

    I’ve uploaded two images.  One is the Thank You page, the other is the preview.  Good luck trying to help ME…you wouldn’t be the first to say I’m beyond help.



    Bob Mazerov answered
      Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

      It looks like you have a URL redirect action checked on your Thank You page – it’s the checkbox at the bottom of your first image (if you un-check that box, I think things should work for you).

      The rest of your setup in the image looks good!

      Hope that does the trick!

      Lola Gill answered

        Oh Lola, I’m so close I can taste it.  I tried but I got the page I’ve put in below.  I know this is simple for a tech guru like you, but for me it’s a struggle.  But it’s getting better and better.  But it didn’t put in a number, it put in the text of the counter instruction.  Crazy.  

        Also, once that’s done, how do I port the respondent to the ACE home page if I uncheck the “shoot them to a url” instruction?

        Thank you SO much for your patience.  It must be hard dumbing down for me.

        Bob Mazerov answered

          Lola, you are a genius.  I finally figured it out and it worked perfectly.  Thank you so much.  Is there some way I can ‘like’ you or endorse you or say great things about you?  If there is, let me know.  You are a wonder and I appreciate your help and especially your patience with me.



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