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Is there a way to place a unique number at the end of each survey when it is completed, so the respondent can copy it or print it and use it to redeem something at the retail store in question?  So at the end of the survey, the respondent would get a final page that indicates something like, “Here is your unique code.  Please copy it or print out this page and take it to The Gap to get your $5 off.”  Then there would be a number unique to that respondent’s survey:  31945 for example.  Each respondent would receive a different code number.


Can that be done?

Bob Mazerov answered

    Lola, you are a genius.  I finally figured it out and it worked perfectly.  Thank you so much.  Is there some way I can ‘like’ you or endorse you or say great things about you?  If there is, let me know.  You are a wonder and I appreciate your help and especially your patience with me.



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      Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

      There are a couple of options for this that are worth exploring to see if either will work for you:

      Adding a Response ID:

      Creating a Coupon Code:

      I suspect this second option is closer to what you are looking for.

      I hope this gives you some options!


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        • Lola, you are a genius. I finally understood what you were saying and all the help you gave me, and it worked PERFECTLY. I could not have done it without you. If there is something I can do to ‘like’ you or give you some global kudos, I will. Just let me know. You are a lifesaver and I appreciate your good work…and patience.

        Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

        It looks like you have a URL redirect action checked on your Thank You page – it’s the checkbox at the bottom of your first image (if you un-check that box, I think things should work for you).

        The rest of your setup in the image looks good!

        Hope that does the trick!

        Lola Gill answered
          Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

          You can edit either your Thank you text or the text that says COMMENT I HOPE, and you should have a Merge Code helper menu, where you can select the hidden value from page one of your survey.

          It should look something like this:

          Hope this helps!!

          Lola Gill answered


            First of all, thank you.  I think I’m getting close.  I put the counter instruction on page one, as you’ve instructed.  

            Then I went down to the “Thank You” page, but I’m lost there.  I can’t follow how to find the element from the first page’s hidden value.  

            I’m sure it’s simple to you…but I’m in a fog.  I feel I’m close (with your help), however.




            Bob Mazerov answered


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