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Is there a way to place a unique number at the end of each survey when it is completed, so the respondent can copy it or print it and use it to redeem something at the retail store in question?  So at the end of the survey, the respondent would get a final page that indicates something like, “Here is your unique code.  Please copy it or print out this page and take it to The Gap to get your $5 off.”  Then there would be a number unique to that respondent’s survey:  31945 for example.  Each respondent would receive a different code number.


Can that be done?

Bob Mazerov answered

    Lola, you are a genius.  I finally figured it out and it worked perfectly.  Thank you so much.  Is there some way I can ‘like’ you or endorse you or say great things about you?  If there is, let me know.  You are a wonder and I appreciate your help and especially your patience with me.



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      Lola Gill 6.97K Rep.

      There are a couple of options for this that are worth exploring to see if either will work for you:

      Adding a Response ID:

      Creating a Coupon Code:

      I suspect this second option is closer to what you are looking for.

      I hope this gives you some options!


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        • Lola, you are a genius. I finally understood what you were saying and all the help you gave me, and it worked PERFECTLY. I could not have done it without you. If there is something I can do to ‘like’ you or give you some global kudos, I will. Just let me know. You are a lifesaver and I appreciate your good work…and patience.


        Well this LOOKED fantastic.  exactly what I needed.  And I went to the various links to show me how to get it input.  But for the life of me it does not work.  I’m sure I’m inputting it incorrectly, but it’s not working and I can’t figure out why.  When I look at the various “merge codes” the ‘counter’ isn’t one of the codes.  So I tried putting it in exactly as it described and nothing happened.  Then I tried putting in actual merge codes that were in the list, and neither date nor time appeared either in the description or in the place where codes were to go.  

        I must be doing something wrong, but I do not know what.  Can you help?

        Bob Mazerov answered
          Lola Gill 6.97K Rep.

          It sounds like you are going with the survey counter merge code option.

          I can certainly try to help, but keep in mind that I (and folks in the Community in general) don’t have access to your account/survey (perhaps you can provide screenshots of what you have set up so far?).

          You want to make sure that you are using the counter merge code as follows:


          This should be placed in a Hidden Value Action on page one of your your survey.

          Then on your survey’s Thank You page, you would add a Text/Instructions element and pull in the value from the Hidden Value (which contains the counter merge code.

          In order to pull in this value, you will need the merge code for the Hidden Value itself (you should have the option to grab this merge code from the Merge Code menu when editing your piece of text).

          Hope this helps clarify things a bit.

          Lola Gill answered

            Lola, sorry for my delay in responding.  I have been out of the office.  But I sincerely do appreciate your knowledge and patience.  

            So, I did as you suggested, and things seem to be better, but it’s still not working.  I put in the text and found the COUNTER on page one.  Worked great.  Then I placed it in the Thank You page.  But when I previewed the page, I got the same old message.

            I’ve uploaded two images.  One is the Thank You page, the other is the preview.  Good luck trying to help ME…you wouldn’t be the first to say I’m beyond help.



            Bob Mazerov answered


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