Searching for two word answers in individual responses


Has anyone found a good way to search for specific answers in individual responses…or maybe even search by field.  The search box on the individual response screen (or a response table inserted into  a report) works OK for a one word answer…but nothing more complex.  

The reason I ask, is I use survey gizmo for a series of assessments, and people fill out multiple assessments, and want to be able to go back and see which ones they did.

For example, John Doe would like to see the listing of all the assessments he filled out (name is one of the questions on the assessment), but if he types “John Doe” on a shared report with a response table (or if I do the same on my individual response screen), it says that none are found, even though there are some assessments where he selected his name.  If he (or I) just type in John, all of his assessments show up…but so do all of John Smith’s assessments.

It is not an issue with text, because name is actually a drop down selection (but the same thing happens if it is a text box).  

Also, If he wants to check for the assessment for location 594, and types 594 into the search, it will show that location’s assessment…also any other assessment where the number 594 is used, since there is no way that I can find to limit the search to a particular field.

Can anyone think of a good workaround for this?  Or maybe even a better way for someone to check to see all of their assessments instead of searching in a response table on a shared report.

Dominic Sharpe answered

    You could also consider creating a Standard Report and filtering the report based on the question that collects the names. Once your filters are created they can be quickly toggled on/off:

    In your case, you would likely want to use the “Filter by Question Answers” option:


    Dominic Sharpe answered

      If we had this challenge, we would export the response data to a CSV file and then use the FIND function (CTRL-F) in MS Excel to search for specific words.

      SurveyGizmo is good for working with aggregated data, but we prefer using Excel when looking at individual responses.

      Steve commented
        • That is what I currently do when doing the final verification (also use data filters in excel). I was hoping I was just missing some option on Gizmo that would allow me (and the participants) to do the search without having to download the data.

          So far I’ve found surveygizmo very powerful on what it can do with the survey instrument (merge codes, scripting, logic, etc.), but much weaker on what I can do with the results. But in the end, the instrument is more important…since I can always download the data an use excel and SPSS for the analysis (what I currently do). Though from what I read about the new dashboard reporting…it looks like that could be pretty amazing…if only it was a bit more user friendly instead of requiring just scripting. Thanks for confirming that I’m not missing anything that exists already…that was my main worry.



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