can’t search survey under results –> individual responses




We are using the W&A – HAQ for Therapists survey.  Under results –> individual responses we cannot sort searches to obtain information.  

For instance, we have tried searching under the SG assigned ID, our survey assigned ID and under subject initials and certain surveys will not show up.  However, when we download into SPSS, the survey is there.  


Basically, it is inconsistently sorting.  Sometimes it will sort, sometimes it will sort but not correctly and every once in awhile, it will sort properly.  


Can you help?  


Thanks, Rachael

Dominic Sharpe answered

    Hi Rachel,

    Other users in the community don’t have access to your specific surveys so can only offer troubleshooting tips.

    In my experience, I have had consistent success if searching for the SurveyGizmo Response ID, as well as other exact matches. It might be that what you are seeing is specific to your survey, in which case I would recommend reaching out to SurveyGizmo’s Support Team.

    You can reach them via chat or email:

    I hope this helps clarify!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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