[Solved] Search function that allows multiple text in the string request


We produce quality assurance reports based on the performance of our staff.

Looking for a way to use the search function in the responses of the surveys.

Need to type in the name of an employee and look for certain words that are used in the text responses in the search string

Search String

e.g.  “Smith – poor service”

       “Smith – did not explain”

The resulting responses / words would be ideally be highlighted in the  results.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated?


Many thanks



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    This type of search is not currently possible on the SurveyGizmo Individual Responses page. You can search for things like names, but results will return the associated responses rather than highlight text.

    Your best bet is to take a look at the filtering capabilities in Reports and Exports:



    You can build advanced filters that will only return the responses associated with your filter rules.

    For example, show all responses where Question 1 = Smith and Question 2 contains “poor service”

    I hope this gives you some options to explore

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      Hi Dominic

      I will try that.

      Appreciate your response.


      Many thanks



      Howard Briggs answered


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