use a value from a script



Is it possible to reuse a value after a script.

I have a quizz score, with a script I apply condition on the result. If the result < 0 then result =0.

the result change only in the script.

On the report the result is still <0 .

How can I do to make the result=0 in the report?



Nicolas90 answered

    I’m not sure if there is enough information in your post but perhaps you can push the script value into a Hidden Value action to store it in a hidden field?

    Maybe you can share some additional information or a sample of your script?

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Hello Dominic,


      Thanks for your reply.

      Your solution seems to be good but how can I push the script value into a hidden value ?

      When I add a hidden value, I can’t see the script value.


      my script:

      print(‘Quizz result -> ‘..result_q1)
      if result_q1 <0 then
      print(‘Final Quizz result -> ‘..result_q1)


      I would like to see (in this exemple) result_q1 in my report or export.



      Dominic Sharpe commented


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