Script Variables as Multiple Choice Options (i.e. in Radio Button Type)


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Is there a way to populate multiple choice options with either numerical calculations or %% variables. For example, take the following stylized “Risk Tolerance” Questionnaire:

Q1: “What is the size of your stock portfolio?” (accepts numerical response, stored, say, as %%portfoliosize)

Q2: “Over, say, the next year, which of the following best represents the max that you could stand to lose?” (here we want not an open ended response, but rather, say, 4 choices to get a sense behaviorally whether or not the investor has a low or high risk tolerance. So the dev might want the available radio button multiple choice options to be as follows:

1: [%%portsize * 0.50]  //very high risk tolerance

2: [%%portsize * 0.25]  //high risk tolerance

3: [%%portsize * 0.10]  //moderate risk tolerance

4: [%%portsize * 0.05]  // low risk tolerance

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