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Is it possible to schedule specific times and dates to distribute surveys? I am doing a panel study (daily survey for 5 days)?  Needs to arrive at 5:30 PM each day and link stay available/active till midnight.


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     This is really helpful!  

    One last question:  Can this same process be replicated using texts to smartphones?  I’m working with adolescents, and I’m guessing 75% will be using mobile phones and will have no email or computer access.

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    neilparker answered

      Hey Neil –

      Great Question! You would indeed be able to set this type of schedule up through a series of Email Campaigns. You can learn more about them here…

      You could build 5 different campaigns into the same survey and then schedule them to go out at an appointed time. Then, you could set an ‘Automatic Close Date’ for each campaign. This would close the links distributed through each campaign at a time you specify.

      I hope that helps a bit!  🙂

      Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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