[Solved] Schedule reports of Individual reponses


Can you schedule reports of individual responses to be emailed after a respondent completes a surveySchedu

Annette Blount asked

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    You know, the answer used to be YES (and sort of still is). I assume you’re looking to schedule email deliveries of the Bulk PDF export. This used to be possible, but the “Share” tab has recently disappeared from the Settings of this export (no idea why, I wish it would come back).

    The “sort of still is YES” answer: As a work around, you can set up an email action at the end of your survey that sends a PDF of the response to which ever member of your team you choose.

    On your Thank You page, click Action (after Add New:). Select “Send Email” and name your action. Click Save Action and Edit. Fill out the fields under Primary Setup (making sure to put your team member’s name/email as the recipient). On the Advanced tab, select “Yes” under “Attach a PDF Review.” Click Save and perform a test response, just to make sure everything is set up properly.

    – Amanda

    Amanda Pelliccione answered
      • Hi Amanda – great answer! I looked in to the Bulk PDF Share tab feature you mentioned, and wanted to share what I found out.
        It seems the Share tab functionality was not originally designed as part of the Bulk PDF export type, and it was only added by accident (that’s a bit embarrassing!). It was removed because of a conflict with how the Bulk PDF export is generated that led to the Share feature not working correctly.
        I’m sorry for the tease, and hope that the Email Action PDF Review feature works well for you as a replacement!



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