[Solved] Saving survey part-way through (with an email campaign)



I am writing a long technical survey (all on 1-page so the user can just scroll up and down and see their different responses). It may take users a couple of hours to complete, so I want them to be able to do some of it and then come back and finish it later if they want.

I am going to use an email campaign, so each respondent should have a unique link and it should just save their data as it goes, and if they go away and come back, they just need to click the link in the original email again.¬†However, in testing it only seems to save data when the submit button is clicked (it saves without submitting because there are several sections that were marked as required that weren’t complete yet).

Is there any way to make it so that the inputs are saved immediately after completing each field, or to have a save button that does this, without me having to break the survey up into multiple pages?





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    The main limitation here is the one page aspect of the survey. When using an email campaign link, data is saved on each page once that page is submitted via either a ‘next’ or ‘submit’ button.

    In order to be able to utilize the Save and Continue capability of an email campaign link, your survey would need to include some page breaks.

    I hope this helps clarify!

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