Saving multiple survey responses and then submitting


We have a one page survey that is filled by the folks in the field ( they have network connectivity).

However there are times when they get responses/follow ups to questions after the fact. Is there way the field folk can fill the partial survey and come back and edit once they get follow ups resolved and then submit.

We tried that offline mode however, the field folks are struggling to identify individual  surveys since the only identifiers  are response 1, 2… etc.

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    Have you thought about using an email campaign to distribute the survey links to your field personnel?  The unique links sent out by the email campaign can be used to reconnect to partially completed surveys. This would give your field personnel identifiable links.  However, you would have to add an additional page to your survey – these links return the respondent to the last completed page.

    You could use the SAVE and CONTINUE function.  This saves all responses regardless of whether or not the respondent has hit the NEXT button.  But it would just give your people another survey link to manage.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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