[Solved] Saving information in the survey as it’s entered


Is there a setting which will save the users entry as soon as they type their answer instead of waiting for the transition to the next page?  Like google docs?


Ben Nibarger asked

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    The Save & Continue feature described here is the best option:


    The feature will save entries as soon as they are typed (like you described), so long as the entries are after page 1.

    Note that the respondent will need to use the save & continue feature (input their email) in order to gain access back to their same survey.

    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered
      • One comment to help clarify this: the Save and Continue feature saves any progress at the time the Save and Continue form is filled out with the respondent’s email address. Aside from this instance, SurveyGizmo is primarily “submission based”, meaning each page must be submitted in order for it to be recorded by our software. I hope this helps!



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