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We import results from one of our surveys on a fairly regular basis, and it has quite a few questions on it. It’s very tedious to manually remap every field one by one and the automatic suggestion for field mapping isn’t accurate enough to be relied upon. 


Is there any way to save an import mapping assuming the headers in my table are always the same? 

Li Yap asked

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    Unfortunately, SurveyGizmo does not have an option to save and reuse mapping for the data import tool.

    Sorry for the trouble!

    Dominic Sharpe answered
      Katie 178 Rep.

      It isn’t something I’ve tested for a while, but when I’ve tested I though that as long as the field names in your upload file exactly match the corresponding question name in the survey, the ‘suggest matches’ option to automatically map the fields works ok?  So maybe not ideal, but you might be able to create a template i.e. in Excel that you set up with the exact question/field names and paste the data in, then import?  But I haven’t tested that extensively, so may be that I just never encountered the issues you have had.

      That said, I’ve also flagged a similar issue before though as something which would be very useful to develop in relation to importing data to email campaigns.  We import new respondents into an email campaign every week, and each week over 20 fields have to be manually mapped (there is not even any ‘suggest matches’ option there) – this is quite tedious and the risk of human error is quite high.  So, it would be great to develop a way to set up a mapping template or have some way of automatically mapping the fields there too.

      Katie answered


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