Save response of two (conditional) questions to same variable


Can use I the same variable name with two questions?

I have a situation where I want to reframe the same questions, based on the answer on an earlier question.

I need the output data in the same variable column.

Marius answered
    Marius 184 Rep.

    Sure, it’s jus a technical thing. I have a have three ¬†about a subject, lets say what people like on their bread. They can pick from three options. For each option I have a follow up questions where they can rate their spreads, peanut butter etc. These all differ in their formulations of the question, but the options are they same. I was thinking about storing the results op these three follow up questions to the same SPSS-variable, so I have a data file with the results in one column in stead of three. Is this a bit more clear?


    Marius answered

      I’m not sure if I fully follow – would you be able to provide an example of how you would like this to look? That should allow other Community members to offer some suggestions!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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