Why does the “Save Page” button sometimes freeze?


I have had this issue on and off for months now. Not sure if it’s confined to a certain type of survey instrument or what, but it’s super frustrating.

Sometimes (I don’t know what triggers it), I can’t change the name or any logic on a page. I’m able to select the appropriate logic and type in a new name for the page, but it then won’t allow me to save those changes. The “Save page” button is, of course, there in the bottom right, and I can even click it, but it just doesn’t seem to register. I’ll click it once, click it twice, click it a million times, and nothing happens. Nothing at all.

I tried on both Chrome and IE – same problem with both.

Has anyone else had this issue? All I know for sure is that if I log out of SurveyGizmo and log back in, it won’t happen the first time I try to change a page.

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    I primarily use Chrome and have never had the specific problem with SurveyGizmo that you describe. When it happens, does the “Never Mind” button still work?

    I  have had similar problems in other situations. When I had those problems it was often because something else was (invisibly) on top of the button or link I wanted to click. If it happens you might try clicking the corners of the button. If it is an overlap problem, the overlap might not be 100%.

    If it isn’t an overlap issue, then it might be a script issue or script cache issue. If you have any script blocking software or other add-ons/browser extensions, you might also try disabling those for the duration of your SurveyGizmo session and see if that helps. 

    Nick commented
      • Thanks, I’ll try that. The “Never Mind” button does work.



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