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Dearl all,

I want to import some data into a survey (tools –> import data). For that I have to map fields (in other word, I have to associate the fields from your upload on the left to questions from your project on the right). This mapping is taking me quite some time. Yet, I would like to repeat this import.
Does exist any way to save the mapping?
Please help me on this.



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    Hi Florence,

    Thanks for using the SurveyGizmo community. Although there is not a way to save this mapping you could next time you need to map a file use our Suggest Matches feature. This feature will scan your column headers and place them to the most likely correct option. I would always double check this just to be sure.  This can be found in-bewteen the 6th and 7th point in this article.


    I hope that helps !

    Ian Rosenstein

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