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Save and continue is set and is showing at the top of the page.  However respondents aren’t asked for their email address, and while the bar says their responses are saved and to use the original link, nothing is saved (neither are they sent a new link).  I’ve tried removing the setting under Advanced/Response settings – the bar then disappears and no bar for save and continue appears.

Want to send a final reminder by email today as the survey is supposed to close, but daren’t while this function isn’t working.

However their responses are being logged as partials in the Results section – so I can see them and have loads of partial responses no one can access to complete!




Fiona Wincheste answered

    I have a workaround you may want to consider while the “Save and Continue” issue is resolved – you could send your partial respondents the edit links to their survey responses. The only difference between the edit link and the “save and continue” link is that the edit link takes them to the first page of the survey as opposed to the exact page where they left off.


    For a step by step guide on how to email edit links to your participants view:

    The same document also lets you see how to export all edit links


    I hope this helps and that your root issue is resolved quickly.

    Mary L (Moderator) answered

      Thanks Mary L

      The survey is anonymous – so  i wouldn’t be able to do this. 




      Fiona Wincheste answered


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