Save and Continue Email when Using Email Campaign


I am trying to use an email campaign and also the save and continue feature. When I click the save and continue bar, it does let me save the progress before the page. But, it does not allow me to type in their email addresses to receive unique links to continue the survey. 

Is this how it is supposed to be (or maybe there is something wrong with my survey setup?)

Is there a way I could set up so that this typing email address feature shows up so that the email with the continue link gets sent to people and also they could go back to where they left off?




Dominic Sharpe answered

    What you have described is the intended functionality of Save & Continue bar when using an email campaign.

    Because email campaign links are unique by default, respondents do not need to have a continue link sent to them – they only need to click on the original survey link they received and this will take them to wherever they left off.

    Hope this helps clarify!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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