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I’m using an email campaign to create unique links for each participant. I’m then emailing the unique links to the participants using my personal email. There were several school divisions that blocked the surveygizmo address, so I decided just to email the unique link. I understand that participants can resume their survey using the email campaign. However, my question is should I still enable the “save and continue” feature that is under advance –>response settings? No participant should be receiving the generic link to the survey since they have all been assigned unique links.

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    If the respondents have their unique link, that is essentially the same link that is being sent through the Save and Continue function. If the respondents security didn’t allow the invite to pass, there is a chance the save and continue email will fail to reach them as well.

    I suggest to let the respondent know to save their information to select ‘Next’ so their information on that page is saved and then exit out of their session. They can gain access again by selecting the link you sent them.

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