[Solved] Save and Continue Later Bar Not Displaying


Hello. We disseminated a survey, however, the save and continue later bar is not displaying. I have followed all of the help prompts to ensure that it is enabled, however, participants are still experiencing problems not having the option to save and continue later. Please advise.

Nancy Shelton asked

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    Hey Nancy –

    The first things that trips people up about the Save and Continue option is that it does not display on Page One of your survey. It will only begin displaying on Page Two. You can learn more about it here…


    You would also need to verify that the theme you’re using isn’t disabling the Save and Continue function for some reason. Sometimes, custom themes will interfere with how the Save and Continue bar will be displayed. You can troubleshoot this by implementing an alternative theme under the ‘Style’ tab and then testing the default link under the ‘Share’ tab.

    If you’re still having issues, I would review the video tutorial on the Save and Continue functionality.


    Thanks so much!

    Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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