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While testing the save and continue feature on my survey, I noticed something about the email that was sent after I submitted my email through the save and continue feature with the link to continue my survey.  Although it didn’t go into my spam folder, this message came up before the body of the email:

Be careful! This sender failed our fraud detection checks.

I’m concerned that this might send the email into the spam folders depending on the email system.  Is there a setting somewhere I can change to lessen the chance of the save and continue email going into people’s spam folders?


Update: I just sent a save and continue email for another survey and it went into my spam folder.  I really don’t want that to happen once I go live to thousands of potential survey takers.


SDSU Weber Honors College asked

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    Try going to Tools > Text and Translations > English > Save and Continue. 

    Scroll down to the bottom.  

    If you aren’t familiar with this feature, it will let you define the content of the save and continue email message.  There may be something in there that is triggering the SPAM filters.  I usually tweak the subject, message, from address, and from address name fields to make them less sensitive to SPAM filters based on the message content.  

    I’ve also changed my SPF per this page (http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/spf-records), which I find has also helped avoid landing in SPAM folders. 

    Scott Formica283707 answered

      Hey – Are the emails all being sent to the same domain? If so, you could have the IT team of that domain whitelist SurveyGizmo. I believe you’ll need to contact them for those addresses though.

      Hope that helps!

      Noel Black answered
        • No, they are going to different domains. In my case, when I sent it to my work address through Gmail it didn’t go to spam, but when I sent it to my personal hotmail email it did. It doesn’t show that it’s sent from SurveyGizmo, but from the replyto email I entered while I was building the survey. Do I need to see about whitelisting SurveyGizmo or the replyto email address?



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