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Hi – I understand how to use the save and continue feature, and also how to customize the language in the email that gets sent to you if you hit “save and return” by going to tools and then text and translations. However is there a way for me to embed a unique piece of information the respondent will have already answered, into that email? I’ll explain why. We are using the survey gizmo platform as a score card which means the respondent completing the survey has to reference other unique information.

On page one of he survey I’ve created the respondent has to put in the unique name of what we’re scoring. Is there a way to embed that into an email? So when the respondent goes back to their email, and perhaps has 20 partially completed score cards, and therefore 20 different links to partially completed surveys, they can see at a glance what 20 those links respond to?



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    Hey Holly – I don’t think you can use merge codes in the Save and Continue feature (I tried and nothing came through). I can think of a different option though. Rather than trying to use the SG Save and Continue bar you could have an Email Action on the Second Page of the survey that just automatically sent all respondents their edit link and some identifying information. You can use the edit link merge code and other merge codes in an Email Action. Let me know if that helps.

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