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I’m currently writing a .Net library for interaction with your API for a client, which of course needs testing.

Apparently, API access is not included in the free plan, meaning I have to piggy-back on their account – which they’ll certainly be ok with. However, I’m reluctant to conduct my test alongside their production surveys, where mistakes can disrupt their business and embarrass both me and my client.

Do you have a way to set up a sandbox for testing without shelling out $1000? Maybe an existing global sandbox that resets every hour? Or a private shadow account that only allow responses from the account holder (to prevent abuse)?


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    @Joelving : We do not currently have a sandbox solution for the API. With the exception of the calls-per-minute limitation there shouldn’t be any risks to running tests in your customer’s production account as long as you are using a test survey. Let us know if there are limitations we are overlooking.

    If you wish to increase your limits or would still prefer a separate account contact our sales team they would be more than happy to work out a solution for you!

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    Community Admin answered


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