Running a questionnaire simultaneously in different languages


Hello Survey Gizmo! i m currently running a survey in Egypt and Libya on safety and protection issues faced by migrants during their journey.

Since migrants have different nationalities, we translated the questionnaire from english into french and arabic, then downloaded one of this version (depending on which nationality is targeted) into the enumerator mobile phone, using the offline mode.

Since a few days i keep receiving emails from enumerators saying their questionnaire has changed into another language. Each time i send them again the right translated version using the “share your survey”, “customize this link”, “advanced” and then changing into the relevant language and sending them the link again trhough the “Download for offline use option”. However i m wondering what is happening or if i m doing something wrong.

Possible options im thinking about:

  • I do something wrong (Completely possible, let s not rule this out yet!)?
  • When i change the language of the questionnaire in the advanced mode of “Customize this link”, could this change the language for all questionnaire already downloaded on mobile phone? In another world, could there be only one language used in the gizmo at the same time and not several used simultaneously?

All my best to the gizmos!





Patrice Chataigner answered

    Hi Dominic, indeed i havent created those separated links.. thanks for the trick!!




    Patrice Chataigner answered

      I would suggest taking a look at this section of the Offline Mode help document:

      The recommended steps for using different language versions in Offline Mode, is to create separate tracking links (one for each language version).

      I hope this helps with the trouble that you have been having!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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