Reviewing software – checking capabilities please


Hi, I’m a complete novice so am struggling with some of the terminology here but wonder if your software can deliver the following:


scoring of each response – with different scores for individual elements of a question.  For example, where there is a checkbox with 6 options, multiple answers available 3 with a score of 1, 2 with a score of 2 and one with a score of -5

provide an overall score from the whole survey expressed as a percentage


provide/export output for each question across all respondents in excel format so the results can be analysed


Thank you

suepemberton answered

    The term that you are looking for is “reporting values”.  You can review the SurveyGizmo documentation for details –

    Jim Wetherill answered

      Thank you Jim,

      Just to be clear, (and sorry if I sound completely stupid) but am I correct is saying that the exported report will not show both the answer title and the score? 

      so for example if I have a list of options I cant see the listed and the associated scores?  or am I reading this incorrectly?





      Jim Wetherill commented
        • Hi Sue,
          You are correct – the Excel/CVS export will only show the reporting value that you assign to the answer title.
          When my group exports a file for analysis, we also create a survey legend ( to help us keep things straight. This document includes both the answer titles and the reporting values.



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