[Solved] How can I review aggregate data based on answer to previous question?


My first question to survey respondents are if they are a family, provider or decision maker. I would like to see not only aggregate data, but data just within each of these descriptors.  

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    There are at least two ways that you could do this:

    Create a SUMMARY REPORT and filter it by the responses to the first question.  Review the SurveyGizmo documentation for details on filtering reports – http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/filter-report-data. The drawback to this approach is that you will have to create a separate report for each category.

    Create a COMPARISON REPORT and use the response to the first question to create subgroups within the aggregate report.  Review the SurveyGizmo documentation for details – http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/comparison-report.  The drawback to this report is that it takes some time to understand the report and may not be suitable for distribution to non-technical people.

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